Need help to execute your million dollar idea?

I turn concepts into brands that succeed online.

Digital Native with over a decade of experience working together with organisations and entrepreneurs in fashion, consumer tech and travel.

Brand Strategy & Identity

Specialized in finding ways to find creative opportunities with brand strategy. Careful and aligned brand identity design.

Great Design

Aesthetics and mobile-first brand and web design. Design for a user-centric experience, cross-device.

Build for Growth

Experienced across multiple marketing platforms, digital marketing, product display, growth hacking and design optimized for conversion.

Salle Privée

Create a first-class ecommerce platform

Luxury label Salle Privée presents the ultimate in contemporary menswear. Their ecommerce platform was created by closely following this high-standard philosophy.

The Cirqle

Design apps that influence millions of people

As head of design for one of Amsterdam’s hottest start-ups I was responsible for shaping The Cirqle platform – an influencer marketing marketplace for connecting brands, celebrities and content creators. Everyday, over eleven thousand curated influencers use The Cirqle to reach millions with high quality content.


Simplify Europe's go-to festival agenda app

With more than one and a half millions users, I’M IN is the go-to festival agenda in Europe. For a year I was in the lead of the I’M IN redesign; ultimately causing user ratings to double to 4.9 stars in the App Store.

Featured by Apple.

App Store

Nice to
meet you!

I am Huig van der Waal, 27, a self-proclaimed digital native from the Netherlands.

My first steps on creating for the internet started in 2006. Back then I launched a game hosting service. Desperate in need of a website I made one myself, absorbing everything I could find on the internet. Evidently, the service failed in the end, but it showed me the ever growing world of online possibilities. Since then, I have wanted one thing: to create for the internet. There, I said it.

Both on a business and personal level I pride myself as being a risk taker. Over the years I have had the pleasure to travel to over 30 countries, start businesses of my own and helped many other (local) entrepreneurs to succeed online. So, why stop?

I believe in actions over words.

Claim your million dollar! ;-)